• About ME

    Put my 20 plus years of experience to work for you. Watch over 140 videos of work I have done on YouTube. Over the years I have installed hundreds of faucets, cleaned a thousand gutters and installed some 100,000 sq feet of luxury vinyl tile flooring. If you are looking for a handyman that is diverse, experienced and insured; check out my home repair services. I also run a local web marketing company and a local fun things to do video blog. I love to do small jobs and do offer discounts on half, whole and weekly projects by time/hourly. We serve Port Orange, South Daytona, Daytona Shores and Daytona Beach Florida.

    Free Estimates By Phone:

    Talk to a professional handyman by phone and get your questions answered. With over 20 years experience I have seen a lot of things. I have personally served thousands of homeowners over the years. I have been doing this awhile and have had handyman services in 3 states now. Each state has different rules in what they will allow a handyman to do and not to do. Have a look at my website "Thomas Bowman Handyman" for a list and articles on the projects I offer. I also list a few companies that we have done business with and share with you either a reference or a warning. I have an incredible reputation on NextDoor with 20 recommendations here and 20 in Arvada Colorado.


    Open 7am to 6pm Monday through Saturday! Licensed & Insured to 300K. I take serious precautions when it comes to Covid. I reserve the right to refuse you service or discontinue any service I deem unsafe for you or for me. I will wear a mask and gloves upon request. I will also wipe things down and encourage you to take your own precautions. I wear a mask everywhere and stopped all congregating back in March 2020. I charge $65 an hour and that includes any time needed to fetch materials for your home repair.